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Music Licensing Confusion (Tamil)
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Music Licensing Confusion (English)
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Music Licensing Confusion (English)
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2nd September 2014, Kuala Lumpur There has been much public attention and confusion recently in relation to collective music licensing in the Malaysian market with numerous queries being directed to Public Performance Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PPM), the collective music licensing body representing music recording companies and which also acts as the exclusive licensing agent for Recording Performers Malaysia Bhd (RPM).

RPM which is chaired by Dato’ Hajjah Sheila Majid was formed in 2011 to represent recording artistes and musicians (“recording performers”), and is supported by all major music industry players including Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM), Music Authors’ Copyright Protection Berhad (MACP), PPM and Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia (please see the attached joint media release of 16 August 2013).

In response to the much talked-about issue, the Chief Executive Officer of RIM and PPM, Mr. Ramani Ramalingam said, "We are aware that there are market concerns which appear to stem from the fact that there are 2 collective licensing bodies officially declared under the Copyright (Licensing Body) Regulations 2012 to represent the same category of rights holders i.e. recording performers”.

“Our industry position remains that there should only be one licensing body representing the recording performers similar to MACP representing the songwriters and PPM representing the recording companies since 1989 and 1988 respectively. PPM’s stance in acting for and fully supporting RPM from 1 January 2012 onwards in place of the now-defunct PRISM Sdn Bhd (the previous licensing body representing recording performers) is consistent with this position whilst maintaining performers’ rights market rates which were established and accepted since 2003,” he added.

“We have accordingly appealed to the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) to establish a Joint Music Licensing Body Working Committee to address the current situation faced by commercial music users nationwide and we are hopeful that satisfactory solutions will be ultimately achieved for all stakeholders,” said Ramani.

PPM represents exclusive rights for, amongst others, the public performance of sound, music video and karaoke recordings under the Copyright Act 1987 (“the Act”) which attract civil and criminal liability for infringement.

RPM and PRISM Bhd, the other performers’ licensing body (which was incorporated and declared subsequent to RPM) both represent recording performers’ equitable remuneration (fair payment) rights for public performance and broadcast of recorded performances under Section 16B of the Act.

Ramani also stated that PPM will continue to fulfil its responsibilities to RIM’s recording company members and RPM’s recording performer members, and that commercial music users may contact PPM’s licensing team at any time on their relevant music licensing obligations for PPM and RPM.

On PRISM Bhd, he informed that RIM & PPM were suing PRISM Bhd for misrepresentation and copyright infringement with the case scheduled for trial in the High Court at the end of September 2014. RIM & PPM would therefore refrain from commenting on PRISM Bhd and its activities for the time being.

For other queries, he advised business owners to contact the government authorities either directly or via their trade associations as necessary.

Introduction of the relevant organisations:


Recording Industry Association of Malaysia

Established in 1978 and represents more than 300 locally incorporated recording companies and businesses, all of which are involved in the production, manufacturing and distribution of local and international sound, music video and karaoke recordings. This accounts for approximately 95% of all legitimate recordings commercially available in the music market of Malaysia.



Public Performance Malaysia Sdn Bhd

A licensing body established in 1988 to represent RIM’s members in respect of the collective licensing of the public performance, broadcast, reproduction and commercial rental of their copyrighted sound, music video and karaoke recordings in Malaysia.



Music Authors’ Copyright Protection (MACP) Berhad

Established in 1989 and represents over 3,100 composers, lyricists and music publishers in respect of the collective licensing of the public performance and broadcast of their musical works in Malaysia. Through reciprocal agreements with other similar organisations worldwide, MACP also licenses international musical works belonging to these organisations in Malaysia.



Recording Performers Malaysia Berhad

A company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 1965, with the functions of a licensing body representing recording artistes and musicians, to collectively administer the issuance of licences and distribution of royalties in respect of equitable remuneration rights granted for the commercial use of recorded performances of performers.



For more information with regards to the above media release, please visit www.rim.org.my, www.ppm.org.my and www.rpm.my or contact:


Ramani Ramalingam
Chief Executive Officer
Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM)
Public Performance Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PPM)
Email: ramani@rimgroup.my
Direct Line: 603-62072838