Which Sound Recordings Are Covered By A PPM Licence?
PPM acts for music labels whose products account for over 90 percent of all commercially released music which are protected by copyright laws.

PPM is central licensing body that provides you with a licence to use the Recordings in various formats, including music videos, karaoke videos, laser discs, radio broadcasts and / or television broadcasts in public performances. This saves you the trouble of obtaining public performance rights from the various recording companies. You need only to apply for one licence from PPM to cover the use of all these formats.

What If I Don't Get A Public Performance Licence?
If you publicly play, broadcast or commercially rent copyrighted Recordings belonging to recording companies represented by PPM without getting a licence from PPM, you are liable for copyright infringement under the Copyright Act of 1987 and will risk stern legal action being taken against you.

What Does A Public Performance Licence Entitle Me To Do?
If you have obtained a public performance licence from PPM, you have the right to publicly perform the Recordings in any formats or medium (music videos, magnetic tapes, cassettes, compact discs, laser discs, mini discs, digital video discs, radio broadcasts and / or television broadcasts).These Recordings, either vocal or instrumental, are the copyrighted property of recording companies which are protected under the Copyright Act of 1987. Your PPM licence enables you to use these Recordings in your business

Remember, if you use sound recordings as an "on-hold" music in your telephone system, you also need to obtain a licence from PPM.