Sound recordings, music videos and karaokes (hereafter collectively referred to as "the Recordings") are being used increasingly to enhance business in the retail, food and beverage, lifestyle and service sectors. Piped music is used to create a suitable ambience in shopping centers and restaurants. Clubs, lounges and other entertainment outlets use Vinyl Records, Cassettes, VHS Tapes, Compact Discs (CDs), Video Compact Discs (VCDs), Mini Discs (MDs), Laser Discs (LDs) and Digital Video Discs (DVDs) to entertain patrons.

In the age of information technology and multimedia, the Recording are also being used as marketing and entertainment tools. Many computers are now capable of playing sRecordings for public consumption.

These Recordings are the copyrighted property of recording companies and using these Recordings in your business requires you to have a public performance licence.

Organizations which use sound recordings in their telephone systems (i.e. music-on-hold) also need to obtain a public performance licence.

In Malaysia, licenses for the following usages of the Recordings are issued by PPM.

(a) public performance (i.e. playing or showing in public)
(b) communication to the public (including broadcast)
(c) copying or reproduction for the purpose of (a) & (b) above.
(d) commercial rental

Establishment and businesses that may require a public performance licence for the use of sound recordings include mobile discos, hotels and hotel ballrooms, night clubs, dance clubs, cinemas, auditoriums and theatres, shopping complexes, retail shops and department stores, beauty centers and hair dressing salons, social and sport clubs, bowling centers, health and fitness centers, public halls, dance schools and studios, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, and lounges, karaoke lounges, amusement parks, art galleries, exhibitions, fashion shows, concert venues, jukeboxes, sales promotions and any other commercial or government office premises where sound recordings are played to the public.